Dear guests!


Welcome to our apartment.

In order for all guests to find a pleasant apartment, we ask you to notice the following house rules. With your booking respectively your entry in the apartment we assume that you accept these house rules.


General: If something of the furnishing or equipment is missing or you need help, please inform us immediately. For questions and information about tours or similar things we are at your disposal.


Arrival and departure: Arrival and departure dates are considered as one calendar day. On the day of arrival the apartment is ready for you from 15:00h onwards (earlier times on request). Please let us know your estimated time of arrival necessarily a few days before arrival.

The apartment is to be vacated broom-clean on the day of departure until 10.00 am (later time on inquiry).

The keys are handed over by individual arrangement.


Pay: The payment is made in cash on the last evening before the departure.

The price includes the provision of bed linen, hand-, bath- and kitchen towels (once a week).


Non-smoking apartment! Smoking is not allowed in the apartment as well as in the whole house!



  • Please empty and unplug the refrigerator before departure.
  • Please note that the dishes are only put back into the cabinets in clean condition, the same applies to cutlery, pots and kitchen devices.
  • Do not put any waste, food residues, hygiene articles, fats or other dangerous liquids in the sinks in bathroom and kitchen, shower and WC, because it leads to unpleasant astringencies.
  • Please do not enter the apartment with dirty shoes, hiking shoes or rubber boots. Please take them off in front of the door and park them in the stairwell. Nevertheless, you can go into the apartment with clean and dry shoes.


Key: You get keys for the front door and the apartment door. Please do not  give your keys to outsiders. In case of loss of the keys the tenant is liable in the amount of replacement costs.


Pets and animals: They are not allowed in the apartment!


Liability: Parents are responsible for their children! We do not assume liability for any valuables brought along or accidents!


Duty of care: The tenant has to handle the rented property carefully and has to ensure that also his fellow travelers follow the house rules.

Nobody breaks things on purpose, but sometimes it can happen accidentally. In that case, please report the resulting damage, as we don’t want realize it after your departure at the final cleaning. The tenant is liable for damages in the amount of the replacement costs.


When leaving the apartment: Always close the windows to avoid damage caused by storms. In order to save up heating energy in the cold months, please air the room only occasionally.

Please remember that all electrical appliances are switched off.


Parking: There is a parking space for a car available on the property.


Rubbish: We ask you to dispose the garbage separately. Please refer to the “Waste separation” note.


Exterior and balconies: Our guests can use our garden and the balconies attached to the apartment. Grilling on the balcony is forbidden, you can use our grill in the garden.

Please keep the outside areas and the grill clean!


The right of the owner: Under certain circumstances (occur very rarely) it may be necessary for the owner to enter the apartment.


We wish you a pleasant stay, lots of fun, relaxation and good rest!


Your family Sokač